We feel the need for a permanent reconsideration between educators and educated, between school and community, between culture and society.


We place ourselves at the forefront of our commitments: * attachment to a pedagogy concerned with the release of the child and educators; * The integration of the school with the social environment that conditions in the working class in this case; * Resistance to oppressive forces who limited and too often destroy the vitality of our popular education; * Acceptance of a hierarchy by working within our movement: place of honor at good workers creators already installed in our schools techniques and liberating spirit, bringing again to the detriment of the former; * The union of our educational efforts with social organizations that advocate for the emancipation of the people, which requires our union involvement in the Central that everyone is free to choose and in the political parties that have a preference; * Rejection of indoctrination: we do not prepare the child to continue today’s world, but to build the new world of tomorrow will be, hopefully, a socialist society. These are all acceptances for us basic, indispensable to prior agreement, a coordinated and effective action, which constitute the basis of our Charter of the Modern School; who vouch for our great brotherhood in work, serving the people.

It is this fraternity, this indissoluble unity in action that, from the outside, surprising our opponents more or less avowed, our colleagues and more conformist the reputations living on their only prestige sharply questioned by their subordinates, Nothing more surprising, in fact, that the understanding and friendship, in an unremitting rivalry society competitions without thank you, to arrivismes legalized. But if we are united by work, by this noble union in lavished generous act freely, without qu’entrent never consider the sacrifices, that is, without a doubt, that we intend to remain masters our creations, our actions, our initiatives.

Giving up these values, it would give up ourselves. We know that this attachment to the School of the People, with which we are body, is not always interpreted in a favorable direction; it will make us even reproach and criticism and, in the words enthusiasts the wait, they will accuse us of working “to restore the emblem of capitalism” … In short, it would be better to sit back, let s’ collapse even more worm-eaten structures teachers and wait.

Grand Evening will be located where the decisive starting the zero hour of a school renovation, final. What we can say about us, proof that resolutely responsibilities we have taken is that we are well positioned – better placed than any other he seems -to assess the malfeasance of a school alienated; to see the face catastrophic delay to the economic, scientific, cultural; to feel the unfortunate social shift with respect to the permanent action of the working world; to measure the distance of cultural centers, the more remote the people they are increasingly facing an intellectualism specialists thought.

If, interior, we brought in our primary schools – so shamefully doomed to abandonment – work techniques and the spirit of liberation, we are not naive enough to believe that the only education can release the proletarian school of capitalist easements. We all know that educational action is powerless, alone, to achieve the emancipation of educators, one that gives them maximum requirement in their educational function.

We must face the facts, neither the parents nor the elected officials nor the government, nor the teachers themselves, nor the administration are not aware, on the whole, real deficiencies of traditional education: the school provides instruction and instruction is necessary for children of the people; where acceptance of cramming, by the heart, notes, tests, sanctions and even cruel mistakes “of the captive youth jails” that justify the student revolt, became irreversible. Knowing this unfortunate delay in understanding the real problems of education, from the great mass of the people, we are called to constantly review the relationship of the school and its environment.

We feel the need for a permanent reconsideration between educators and educated, between school and community, between culture and society. So we keep a risky militancy, came a verbal extremism, pushing far the dialectic of ideas, while the real action connected to the trade union and political attack line can be seen immediately.

This school which, pedagogically and socially not adapted to the specific needs of children of the people, that does not serve life and not a preparation for life, can we at once, by the effect of a simple theoretical criticism, be at the forefront of the revolutionary struggle while she is at the bottom? It should be seen, each public school teacher, whatever the audacity and sincerity of his trade union and political beliefs, is just do my homework com
, in the exercise of his profession, under capitalist influence as is the worker in his company.

Prisoner of school rules, examinations-cleavers, inspections noted, a hierarchical subordination more than ever kept in these challenging times, it can not rely on authoritarian administration or pusillanimous, paradoxically giving carte blanche in exercising his function. These are reasons tirelessly raised on the occasion of the cantonal subcommittees and that leave us no illusions about our independence in subsidized approval, become possible.

Certainly, new assets are in our hands: the safety and efficacy of our teaching techniques, not only accepted by the ministerial instructions, but proposed formalized, which gives us greater freedom of action. * The strength of our working bodies at the base, in our departmental and regional groups; * Centralization of our movement by our ICEM and our CEL who tirelessly throws on the educational market, available to the masses, the most proven by teaching practice achievements, the most efficient, the most cultural goings yards countless are our experimental schools; * Sympathy increasingly assertive primary inspectors in permanent contact with the base, were responsible for applying the directives come highs for educational reform. Forced to break the deadlock which still slumber their superiors, they can only rely on what is.

And what are our tools, our technology, our issues, our long internships or short, witnesses schools growing; * Educational and human data of our Open School, connected to the economic, geographic, social, making each of our classes a research focus, information, simple and vibrant culture. The accelerated development of our SOUL, grouping around the renovated school technical and cultural specialists, artisans and manual workers, friends of the public school; * The patient and how delicate link! with teachers and students of Faculties and Universities looking for a dynamic education we can provide, at our level, constructive guidelines.

On these solid foundations and fair endless born the persevering actions that will raise awareness – in constantly enlarged sectors – teachers working masses and our continuing education activism in favor of the common people. This effort of persuasion and generous assistance that takes in breath the vast majority of our members it is sufficient to answer the call of those who, in so many, come to us? In this situation we must revise says Freinet “the conception of our efforts.

Otherwise, others will take our place in a process of evolution that we have made irreversible. And they betray us to better leverage our generous work. We must face the test. “The simplest, we believe, is to agree on a minimum program that could be adapted to each region, each department, each district, each district, depending on circumstances.

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